Dark Spot Corrector Licorice Extract Skin Serum

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  • Effective Age Spot Removal: Getting older may be inevitable, but thanks to our dark spot treatment, looking older is completely optional! Licorice and Vitamin E team up to gently fade hyperpigmentation and heal damaged skin, reducing the appearance of stubborn age spots.
  • Naturally Nourish Skin: With a potent dose of organic Licorice and B vitamins, our face serum will leave your skin singing! These nourishing ingredients help clarify your skin and lock in hydration, resulting in a complexion that’s more evenly toned and softer to the touch.
  • Restore and Refresh: Is your complexion missing the wow factor? Our smooth blend uses Vitamin C to buff away the dead cells that leave skin looking dull and lifeless! We also added antioxidant-rich CoQ10, which can promote collagen production and firmer skin.
  • Safe, Natural Ingredients: From skin-friendly vitamins to powerful extracts, our age spot treatment is made with Mother Nature’s best ingredients! Our highly concentrated blend is safe and non-irritating, delivering noticeable results without harsh fillers or additives.

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